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How To Insure Business Success…One Customer At a Time.

Fellow Profit Seekers, if you are satisfied with your business profits today, read no further. But, if you have apprehension about the future: apprehension about maintaining your customers: apprehension about declining sales: then I have some thoughts you should seriously consider!

A few months ago, a friend of mine…a small, independent pharmacist… was dangerously close to going out of business. The number of prescriptions was declining. Long-time customers no longer came in. And with the alarming knowledge that, nationally, more and more prescriptions were written and filled, one fact became painfully obvious. Powerful drug chains were eating his business alive!

How Do You Compete With The Wal-Marts and The Walgreens? In today’s world, prescriptions are dispensed from grocery chains, department stores and giant drug conglomerates. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Clients are turning to mail order and e-commerce, too! But there is an irony in all this. These behemoths are missing one of the most important principals of customer relations. Something that is up close and personal, Customer Recognition! And that’s how Promotional Products rescued my friend. That’s how Promotional Products can revive your business, too!

Promotional Products provide recognition and much more. These powerful marketing tools excel in three, specific ways:
• They Target the Right Customers – Not a broad-brush approach, promotional products go directly to the client you choose!
• They Repeat Their Message – Unlike a newspaper ad read once, your Promotional Product message gets read and remembered
time and time again!
• They Deliver Powerful, Personal Recognition – Promotional Products give you the opportunity to link your gift, and your message, with a heartfelt, sincere “Thank you for your business.” No other form of advertising can do that.

By presenting prescription customers with a useful, appreciated 7-Day Pill Box. And by saying at the same time, “Thank you, I really appreciate your business, please come back soon,” the tide was turned. Old customers began returning. New ones came through word-of-mouth referrals. Repeat business began to grow! In short, my friend accomplished something the big chains do not. He gave his customers personal attention!

You Can Revive and Build Your Business, Too! You know what to do. Now it’s time to act! This catalog highlights more than 50 useful and appreciated products. Each can carry your advertising message. Twenty offer special, sale pricing! All are tested and proven. Any one can help your business grow! Looking for a proven promotion? Check out pages 4 and 5. You will view an exceptional array of incredible advertising tools…Ice Scrapers. Many are sale priced! Take a moment. Envision the gratitude, the good will, the loyalty you would create if during this fall’s first snowstorm, your clients were presented with one of these safety tools. You might say, “Use this Ice Scraper and be safe tonight. We want you back again!” Remember this: business returns to where business is appreciated.

What Are You Waiting For? I could go on and on with stories like these, but here’s the point. You need to prove to yourself the powerful results our promotional products and ideas can produce. So, what are you waiting for? Act now! Find the products that will honor your customers and order today. You won’t regret it!

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Oval Jar Opener - Promotional Products
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Oval Jar Opener

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Globe Jar Opener - Promotional Products
New Product!
Min. 350 pcs
Globe Jar Opener

Style#: J168

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